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  • Get the Best of Scotland
    How to Get the Best of Scotland A visit advisor report on their visit to The Culloden Battlefield site. The site where the Jacobite army and government forces fought their last battle and changed Scotland forever Yes, it … Read more
  • Quotes of William Wallace
    The Quotes of William Wallace Braveheart’s Wiliam Wallice churned out the quotes. Not the Wallace of 700 years ago, a Wallice that’s still alive and kicking Randle Wallice, born in 1949, wrote the Screenplay of Braveheart, slipping in … Read more
  • Is Scotland Part of the UK
    A much-asked question Is Scotland Part of the UK The Short answer is yes.   Physically it is part of a single island and has around one-third of the landmass of the UK. Politically Scotland has been a part … Read more
  • Scotland Banks
    The 3 Banks of Scotland As the name of this website is “Scotland Notes”, I get lots of people visiting my site looking for information about Scotland Banks Notes, in other words, “money.” As a visitor, I can … Read more
  • Scottish Pub Culture
    Scottish Pub Culture When I started to write this article, I thought it would be a simple task to tell you about Scottish Pub Culture. How hard can it be? After all, I have been going to the … Read more
  • Scottish Heather
    Scottish Heather More than meets the Eye Once I was old enough, I used to work my Summer Holidays from School on the Grouse Moors that surround Royal Deeside in rural Aberdeenshire. I was a beater.  A beater … Read more
  • First Trip To Scotland
    First Trip To Scotland Looking at my website and blog, you will agree that I am not a professional blogger with years of blog writing experience and advanced writing skills. Nope, I am just a highlander who wants … Read more
  • Scottish Highland Cattle
    Scottish Highland Cattle “Hairy Coos” Scottish Highland Cattle – A Icon Highland Cattle or the Highland cow is a true icon of Scotland. And why not? It has ginger hair, right?. In Scotland, we call a cow “Coo” … Read more
  • Haggis
    Haggis When you ask anyone to nominate something that comes to mind when thinking about Scotland you can bet Haggis will be towards the top of the list This blog post will explore Haggis, and hopefully, by the … Read more
  • Scotland in January
    Scotland in January Hangover month, so how is Scotland in January? Maybe your New Year resolution is to visit Scotland, so strike while the iron is hot and pack your bags. If you are looking for what to … Read more
  • What to pack for Scotland
    What to pack for Scotland For most countries what to bring with you would be a simple task, but of course, Scotland is different. People in Scotland tend to make use of charity shops when they are needing … Read more
  • Why Visit Scotland
    Why Visit Scotland It isn’t easy to pinpoint why Scotland is held in such mystery for many people worldwide. It is like a book with connected chapters, but each chapter is a book inside itself containing further chapters. … Read more

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