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Just Me

No, not a big team of full-time bloggers. It’s just me.

Hello, my name is Scott and come from Ballater, Royal Deeside in Aberdeenshire.

I grew up walking and working the grouse moors that surround the area and flyfishing when I could

My first job was working as a Gamekeeper on the Royal estate and afterwards joined the Royal Marines and saw active service in the Falklands War in 1982

The Scottish thirst for adventure continued and I travelled and worked in many Country’s and never had a “Normal” job but always “came hame”

For many years I was a Diving Instructor and Expedition leader. I have dived many places in the world including the cold but beautiful waters of Scotland

My last venture was supposed to be my retirement plan and I had a small restaurant. – I love to cook – Covid swept that plan away

So now on the wrong side of 60 and facing a not so comfortable retirement, so I turned to the internet and here I am

I came late to Fatherhood and hope to be able to give my teenage son, Angus, some boost when I go to the ultimate Highlands

So that’s about me – I hope our paths cross in the future

Lang may your lumb reek

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Master Diving Instructor

Why I startED this Blog

I have travelled and lived in many counties, and I am confident there is nowhere like Scotland or the Scots people.

Scotland is a fascinating place to visit. I have spent time in some of its most isolated areas. As a past Gamekeep and keen flyfishing man, I have always been connected to nature. My decades of Scuba Diving links me to the coast and water in general

Scottish history and traditions have me hooked, and I spend many a happy hour reading and researching.

I want to share ‘my’ Scotland with you. Having a website is an excellent way to accomplish this

So this is Scotland as I know it, and I present it to you with some pride. However, I am not blind to the shortcomings.

My offering is a mixture of information, opinions, stories, fables and facts.

I write as a Scot, but my experience as a traveller influences how and what I write.

I am a reasonably fit man, past my prime, who still enjoys the outdoor life, but some civilised comforts are always welcome.

Boomers are often overlooked when it comes to travel blogs. My messages will connect with my fellow boomers.

Always happy to have contact with my readers. If I have anything or any place to recommend, I will tell you why

Add your name to my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. Or contact me directly.

Have a read of my articles and please make any comments or requests you wish

That’s About me – What about you?